Rep. Steve Drazkowski (21-B) Mazeppa, Rep. Tim Miller (17-A) Prinsburg, Rep. Cal Bahr (31-B) East Bethel, Rep. Jeremy Munson (23-B) Lake Crystal

What is a Caucus? A caucus is a free association of legislators who meet to discuss legislation. There is no formal organization - no incorporation - no constitution of the caucus. If two legislators meet in the hallway to discuss legislation, they are ‘caucusing.’ Throughout recent history, there have only been two primary caucuses in the Minnesota House of Representatives: The DFL House Caucus and the old House Republican Caucus. These primary caucuses receive state funding to hire the support staff for constituent services, research, committee administrators and legislative assistants. There are other minor caucuses at the Capitol such as the Rural Caucus, the Civility Caucus, the Pacific Asian Caucus, and even the Republican Farmer Labor Caucus. But members of these caucuses have always caucused within one of the two primary caucuses....until now.

On January 8, 2019, four members of the old House Republican Caucus left their primary caucus to form the New House Republican Caucus (“New HRC”). Members of the New HRC have their own offices, staff and a caucus room in the Capitol. New HRC members will focus on important legislation, amendments and messaging to best represent their legislative districts.

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