Energy Sourcing: All of the Above

Tune in at 9:45 AM to watch a Democrat bill requiring 100% renewable energy be debated in the House Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division.

Last week, during a non-record breaking cold snap, wind energy production in the midwest was turned off and many solar panels were covered in snow and ice. It would mean a cold week for Minnesotans under a 100% renewable manadate.

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We support free markets and an "all of the above" energy standard.  We all want clean air and water, and the energy industry is working towards constantly improving production and environmental standards.  Minnesota competes against our neighboring States for low cost energy - jobs and economic development depend on our ability to remain competitive.  Large energy companies take on the legislature's high-cost energy mandates by simply passing on the cost to consumers. 

Did you know that Hydroelectric Power, generated from rivers is not considered "renewable" under Minnesota's renewable energy mandate? 

Did you know that Nuclear Power is carbon free and takes the carbon equivelent of 1 million cars off the road each year?

Did you know that wind turbines are shut down in cold weather to prevent damage from the cold, grinding gears and due to ice buildup on the blades?

Electric cars, solar panels and wind turbines are great innovations, but they have both limitations and large enviornmental impacts on their own.  

Recycling batteries and solar panels has an impact.

We have work to do to improve these alternative energy methods.  Like the CFL lightbulb, some new inventions need to run through the 'free market' wringer, before they are ready for primetime.