Enter the Feds

On September 9, President Biden announced the implementation of a federal vaccine mandate. This mandate will require any businesses with more than 100 employees to force their employees to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing.
As a result, roughly 100 million Americans will be required to get vaccinated or lose their job. Roughly 17 million workers in healthcare facilities that receive Medicaid or Medicare funding will be forced to get the vaccine or face weekly testing. There will also be a requirement for Executive branch employees, and all federal contractors with NO option to test out. If you refuse? A $14,000 fine per violation. This action is just another example of the draconian federal overreach we have seen from the Biden administration.
President Biden specifically singled out federal contractors because he knows he can control them. He is intentionally starting with these groups, but he may expand this mandate further.
In December of 2020, president-elect Joe Biden said that he would not require Americans to get the vaccine. In July of this year, the director of the CDC said that there would be no federal vaccine mandate. The president and his administration have blatantly misled the American people for months and they have fundamentally betrayed our trust. Yet the president wonders why the American people don’t believe in government.
The federal government should have zero place dictating the way in which American businesses are run. The marriage between the state and corporations allows totalitarianism and coercion to ruin lives. The decision to get the vaccine should be left up to the patient, not their employer. Mandating this privately created vaccine on the federal level is an unprecedented violation of our constitutional rights, to which the courts can prescribe the only remedy.
Just how deep into your life do you want government? Because any government big enough to give everything is powerful enough to take everything.