In the summer of 2019, we sent a survey out to our email list that asked the following questions.

1. If you had to pick ONE issue, which one do you think is the most important one facing MINNESOTA in the next decade?

2. If you had to pick ONE issue, which do you think would be the most important to your COMMUNITY in the next decade?

3. If you had to pick ONE issue, which do you think would be the most important to YOU in the next decade?


We offered the same 10 options for all three questions:

Taxes, Education, Healthcare, Child Care, Roads and Bridges, Debt, Government Spending Generally, Demographic Changes (Immigration, loss of population in some areas etc.), the government is too big, complex, or not responsive, Other (please specify). 

Although this is obviously a small, highly selective sample of opinion, we found it interesting that Government is too big and complex was the top concern for people when they thought about the state. It was the second-highest concern when it came to issues facing their community and themselves.  Health Care made an appearance only in the issues facing the individual.  There are a variety of ways to think about this but clearly one is that people think of health care as a personal concern,  not a social issue that concerns the entire state or country the way that the media and the Democrats talk about it.  Another is simply that Health Care costs, deductibles and insurance premiums have continued to go up in the post-Obamacare health market and so we see more personal focus on this as people struggle to pay these bills. 

Here are the results:


Here is a summary of the "other" responses:

For the state people mentioned:

  • Unfunded Pension Liabilities, 
  • Government accountability and reporting back to the public.


For the community:

  • aging infrastructure needs to be replaced
  • Health care cost for self-employed/ farmers


For the individual:

  • Not wanting their community to become a sanctuary city.
  • All of the above
  • corruption/incompetence of government officials