Latest -- Legislators appeal Court dismissal.

On Sept. 1, a Ramsey County Court dismissed a lawsuit against Governor Walz regarding his emergency powers and constitutional authority in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lawsuit was filed by thirteen Republican state legislators and the Free Minnesota Coalition. Nine days later,  the parties announced they would appeal their lawsuit against Governor Tim Walz. Specifically, the legislators and the Free Minnesota Coalition are appealing to the Supreme Court of Minnesota for an accelerated review of their case.

The thirteen legislators on the lawsuit are Rep. Steve Drazkowski, Rep. Tim Miller, Rep. Cal Bahr, Rep. Jeremy Munson, Rep. Shane Mekeland, Rep. Mary Franson, Rep. Eric Lucero, Rep. Joe McDonald, Rep Jeff Backer, Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, Sen. Scott Jensen, Sen. Mike Goggin, and Sen. Andrew Mathews. Additionally, the Free Minnesota Coalition is led by Dan McGrath.

The “Go-Fund-Me” page to raise money for the lawsuit can be found here: