Lawsuit Dismissed, other lawsuits still pending

On Friday, December 4, the Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit that Republican activists served to Steve Simon and the state Canvassing board.  Simon claimed he had not been served but even as the court agreed he had been, they dismissed the lawsuit because it hadn't been served to county election officials as well and because the suit was not brought forward back when the consent orders had come about, prior to the election but only in the window between the election and the certification.  

You can read the order HERE

There are still cases pending which contest elections in specific races. There are a series of lawsuits contest procedures and outcomes in Congressional districts 2, 3, 4, and 5 and the US Senate race in Minnesota as well as a contest of state races in Dakota County

Some of the points made in those cases were also made in the case that aimed to halt certification, so those issues are likely to be dismissed in the same fashion. Nevertheless, a challenge to the election in a federal race triggers a little known Minnesota Law that requires the preservation of materials and scrutiny at the federal level.  This could bring more transparency on Minnesota's election process and signals a new phase in the fight for election integrity.  It is less focused on the 2020 outcome and more focused on shining a bright light on problems with Minnesota's election system that undermine the legitimacy of our elections.