Lawsuit seeks to redefine Minnesota as a Abortion Promoting State



Yesterday a group of activists came forward to sue the State of Minnesota to force dramatic changes in laws regarding abortion. 

A coalition of women's and abortion rights groups, along with the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, announced a lawsuit in St. Paul yesterday, challenging Minnesota's abortion laws as too restrictive. They specifically mentioned the 24-hour waiting period, parental notification in the case of minors seeking abortions, and mandatory counseling. They are looking to use the 1995 Doe v. Gomez case to try to provide a stronger basis for a right to an abortion.

These activists are trying to achieve through a lawsuit what they have not been able to get through elections, namely, the ability to kill a baby at any time, including right after birth. With staunch proponents of abortion in the Attorney General's and Governors' office, they believe they have an excellent opportunity to re-write Minnesota's abortion laws.


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