Mayo Questions Still Unanswered

In the Mayo Clinic's Dec. 3 letter to us, responding to our letter of Nov. 29, they failed to answer any of our questions. So we followed up.

See the letter here.

December 10, 2021

Via Email

Dr. Gianrico Farrugia CEO & President Mayo Clinic
200 First St. SW Rochester, MN 55905

Dr. Farrugia,

On Dec. 4, 2021, we received your response to the letter we sent you regarding religious exemptions to Mayo Clinic’s vaccine mandate.

As you are aware, we posed a series of questions to you in our letter. We were disappointed but not surprised that you blatantly disregarded these questions. Instead of providing forthright answers, your letter was a condescending lecture on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, Mayo Clinic’s efforts to follow the science, and other media talking points.

The employees of Mayo Clinic have a right to know how the religious exemption process works. Your efforts to ignore legitimate questions is an outright attempt to deceive Minnesotans and gaslight your employees.

As such, we will ask our questions again:

  1. What qualifies a person for a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate?
  2. What disqualifies a person from receiving a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate?
  3. Do objections to the use of fetal tissue cells prevent someone from receiving a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate?
  4. How many people have applied for a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate?
  5. How many religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate have been granted?
  6. In the application process for a religious exemption, Mayo Clinic employees are asked to, “provide any information that will help us to determine that your belief is sincerely ” How are Mayo Clinic employees supposed to prove their beliefs to you?
  7. Who is reviewing, approving, or rejecting the applications for religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate?

If you do not want to answer our questions, then simply admit it. That will tell us all we need to know. However, we ask that you not hide behind the pretense of caring about your employees when you are actively ignoring their questions and trying to remove them from their jobs.

Furthermore, we recently received information that employees of Mayo Clinic in Florida are being treated differently from Mayo Clinic employees in Minnesota. Specifically, Mayo Clinic is sending out notices to employees which state:

“Mayo Clinic is delaying any decision to terminate non-compliant unvaccinated employees in Florida until legal challenges to the CMS vaccine mandate regulation are resolved and the injunction is lifted.”

The Minnesota employees of Mayo Clinic deserve to be treated just as equally as all other Mayo Clinic employees. They are just as valuable and just as essential.

Our last question:

8. Why is Mayo Clinic exercising prejudicial treatment against the hardworking people of Minnesota?

Finally, Mayo Clinic is the recipient of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for the explicit purpose of expanding capacity to handle COVID-19. Firing staff directly reduces your capacity and flies in the face of the money that the Minnesota Legislature appropriated to your organization. These people are our constituents, they deserve answers, and Mayo Clinic has a responsibility to provide these answers.

Rep. Jeremy Munson, District 23B, Minnesota House of Representatives

Rep. Tim Miller, District 17A, Minnesota House of Representatives

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, District 21B, Minnesota House of Representatives

Rep. Cal Bahr, District 31B, Minnesota House of Representatives