New House Republicans' statement on the CCAP report

On Thursday, March 14, the New House Republicans gave their statement on the CCAP Fraud report by the legislative auditor. 

They are pursuing 5 different steps, briefly:

1. They called for federal investigations, sending direct written requests to the US Attorney in Minneapolis, the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services.
2. Called for the resignation of Carolyn Ham, the Inspector General of the Minnesota Department of Human Services and if she does not resign, Governor Walz needs to fire her.
3. Create a new watchdog on welfare fraud. The Office of the Inspector General was supposed to do this, it failed. There is a need to rethink this agency from the ground up.
4. Shut the door on fraud by making it harder for criminals and follow up on prosecutions when criminal activity is revealed. The four members plan to drop a bill that will do the following;

  • Make child care fraud a specific crime with criminal and civil penalties;
  • Establish a life-time welfare ban for convicts;
  • Require future child care providers to repay any subsequent fraud;
  •  Ban care providers from programs if they do not cooperate with investigators;
  • Allow the Bureau of the Public Trust to check recipients for eligibility;
  •  Ban all forms of benefits for persons convicted of child care fraud and;
  • Bar parents of recipient children from working at child care centers.


5. Get rid of CCAP as we know it. To replace CCAP, the NHRC will streamline and simplify the other six child care programs
operated by the state. For adults who want to look after children in their neighborhood, the rules need to be easier to follow and understand. Legal barriers should be lowered. To fight corruption, subsidies should not be paid to providers. They should be paid to working parents and parents in job-training programs.