Press Conference on Free and Fair Elections

Today, Representatives Jeremy Munson and Steve Drazkowski held a press conference to discuss free and fair elections. At the press conference, the representatives discussed repeated, unconstitutional changes to election law that occurred in Minnesota. 

Rep. Munson and Rep. Drazkowski emphasized the need for Minnesota to follow the election laws that have been duly passed by the Minnesota Legislature. Both lawmakers offered examples of instances when Minnesota election law was dismissed or intentionally ignored.

Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan of the Minnesota Republican Party offered this statement:

“We saw an enormous number of lawsuits brought forth in advance of the November election across the country in battleground states to change our election laws. When we make helter-skelter changes to our election laws, people naturally have concerns and we need to address those concerns. With 20-30% of the population having concern about the election process, it's our job as leaders to ensure that there is 100% transparency in Minnesota and across the country. Republicans and Democrats alike should come together to bring that transparency and ensure all voters have confidence in our system.”