Pushing back on Biden and Walz's vaccine mandates

Both the Federal Government and the State have been doing everything they can to coerce people who do not want to get the COVID 19 Vaccine, for whatever reason, to get it.  Minnesota Law forbids forced vaccination or medical treatment by the government, but the same statute shows that they can still make you pay the consequences of not being vaccinated by being forced to quarantine.  And so, for this pandemic, they have invented different ways to make people pay.

  • They tried PR campaigns to punish people socially who won't get vaccinated.
  • They tried to convince vaccine dissenters that getting a vaccination would allow them no longer to socially distance or wear a mask – except they decided that new variants and "breakthrough" cases meant that they STILL wanted you to wear a mask, even if you were vaccinated.
  • They tried to get businesses not to serve people who were not vaccinated but stopped short of requiring vaccine passports when public opinion showed that it was immensely unpopular.
  • Then they tried to get at vaccine dissenters through their workplaces. Here they were more successful because most people do not want to lose their jobs or go through frequent and onerous testing only to be treated like a pariah and forced to stay away from their co-workers anyway.

But there are still vaccine dissenters who refuse to take the vaccine for what in any other situation would be considered sacrosanct reasons under the constitution, such as religion or conscience or a health exception. 

These cases are becoming the true test of the government's power to make you do something against your will. 

Some people are giving in.  Like Golden State Warriors player Andrew Wiggins who got vaccinated when his refusal on religious grounds was rejected by his employer, the NBA but lamented that "I guess to do certain stuff, to work and all that, I guess you don't own your body." He continued, "You want to work in society today, I guess they make the rules of what goes into your body and what you do."

Some people are still paying the price, like the nearly 600 people who work for United Airlines who are being terminated for not getting vaccinated.   Or the 553 Minnesota state employees who refuse to be.

Today, however, the University of Minnesota backed down from requiring a vaccination with only religious and health exceptions in a case brought by a student who objected on conscience grounds. They are claiming that this isn't a reversal, but their materials clearly state that only a doctor's note or a notarized statement about your "sincerely held religious belief" would do.  They are going to have to make some changes to that form!

The cause of freedom won one today.