Is your County a FREEDOM COUNTY?

Minnesota statute 12.31 Subd. 2. reads: “Declaration of peacetime emergency. (a) The governor may declare a peacetime emergency. A peacetime declaration of emergency may be declared only when an act of nature, a technological failure or malfunction, a terrorist incident, an industrial accident, a hazardous materials accident, or a civil disturbance endangers life and property and local government resources are inadequate to handle the situation."

Not only does COVID not endanger life AND property, but many local governments, cities, and counties now have "adequate resources to handle the situation."

DOWNLOAD model language to stop Governor Walz's emergency powers in your county.  SIGN the Petition below so we can deliver signatures to each county.

Meet with each of your county commissioners, police chiefs, and County Sheriff. Develop a plan to gain majority support among County Commissioners 

Instructions for freeing your county from Governor Walz's executive orders:

  1. DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT fill it out with your County name
  2. Send this to your County Commissioners and request it be voted on at the next County Board meeting or ASAP.
  3. Call business owners, employees, and citizens of your district and have them do the same. 
  4. Sign the petition below and share this link on social media. 

I support my County's independence and local control of its resources to combat COVID and declaring it has "adequate resources to handle the situation," which under MN Statute 12.31 Sub 2 means Governor Walz's executive orders will not apply to our County.  Reopen my county!

Will you sign?