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While the budget negotiations are underway, it's worth taking a look at where things stood after the omnibus bills were passed by the House and Senate and compare them to our proposal. 

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Minnesota Care is not dependent on the Provider Tax

In the last few days of the budget negotiations, some lobbying groups are trying to spread the false talking point that if the 2% provider tax goes away, so  It does NOT fund Minnesota care as members of our caucus explain in this video using data from the Minnesota Management & Budget and Dept of Human Services. Most of the Health Care Access Fund is transferred to the General Fund for use in other State Government pet projects - NOT for healthcare. 

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Socialists in St. Paul have passed $4.5 Billion in new taxes and fees


In the past week and a half, the Minnesota House has passed a slew of omnibus bills, covering the breadth of government as well as a tax bill that contains property taxes, income taxes, and other taxes.  We asked non-partisan staff to compile all the taxes and fees contained in these bills to find out just what the impact would be if the DFL House gets their way.  

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