Update on lawsuits against the Governor

There are now three lawsuits against the Governor supported by New House Republican Caucus members and others.  The first is the Quo Warranto lawsuit filed on May 28.  That had a hearing on July 15. The Judge has 90 days to rule, and we hope he will rule sooner.

The second lawsuit filed on July 30 took issue with the different laws surrounding masks. It's illegal to wear a mask in public in Minnesota, and the Governor issued an executive order that people have to wear masks due to the pandemic.  In his order, he made the statement that he was disregarding the anti-mask law.  The Governor's emergency powers do not extend to ignoring laws. He can order rules and override ordinances, but not law. Chapter 12 of MN statutes requires that he call back the legislature every 30 days, to extend his powers and to make necessary laws.

The third lawsuit was filed today. This one deals with Churches and places of worship being regulated by the state, which goes against the state and federal constitution. Click on the link to press releases to read the lawsuit documents.